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Kids on the Block Testimonials

The students were very involved and asked many questions. They enjoyed watching the puppets talk about important issues.

I feel the students really could relate to the issues discussed and enjoyed asking questions and responding to the workshop.

They enjoyed it and even continued to talk about it throughout the day and next day.

I think the ADHD scene helped some students understand more about other students in the class.

I liked the range of disabilities that was covered in the presentation.

I believe the puppets were a great way to present information. They held the students' interest for the whole hour! Great!

I do believe that the content of the workshop was easily comprehended by all children and most became more aware of children's or people's differences. It also explained throughout the skits that everyone learns differently and are unique individuals.

The children, even the older children, listened, asked questions, answered questions, offered suggestions, and seemed interested.

The group talked about very big issues in a very age appropriate and sensitive way! Well done!

The interaction and involvement with the youth was fantastic . . . I am certain we all walked away with a better understanding of the disabilities portrayed in the show.