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Kids on the Block Booking Information

The Independent Living Resource Centre's Kids on the Block puppet troupe endeavors to educate children and the general public about disabilities, disability issues and social concerns.

The Kids on the Block are nearly life size puppets who dress and act like real children. Each character has definite likes and dislikes, hopes and fears, talents and limitations - some have disabilities, others do not. The goal of the Kids on the Block is to raise awareness and increase the acceptance and appreciation of everyone's individuality.

Typically, each show features three disabilities, and is geared specifically to each school's needs. Show topics include: cerebral palsy, emotional disturbance, visual impairment, ADHD, learning disabilities, bullying, Down's syndrome, depression, spina bifida, and problem solving. An interactive dialogue between children and puppets follows each script which includes a question and answer period and/or creative problem solving from the children. Some of the volunteer puppeteers share the same disabilities as their puppets and can answer questions directly related to their own personal experiences. The show runs approximately 45 minutes.

The performance is $200 for the first show and $100 for each additional show, payable to the Independent Living Resource Center. A maximum of four shows may be performed per school day with a maximum of 60-65 children per show. There is an additional travel cost of 40 cents per kilometer for schools outside of the Winnipeg City Limits.

Enquiries about show bookings, discounts or other concerns should be forwarded to or contact the Independent Living Resource Centre.