Independent Living Resource Centre (ILRC)

S & FMC Contact:

Terry McIntosh
IL Consultant

Independent Living Resource Centre
311a-393 Portage Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3B 3H6

Self and Family Managed Care - Things to Do

  1. Finalize assessed Home Care hours taking into consideration Home Care/SMC/FMC revenue budget for:
    • Attendant/Homemaker Income
    • Transportation (if applicable)
    • Administration
  2. Register with Canada Revenue Agency, Workers Compensation (if applicable) and contact your Insurance Company
  3. Open a Self/Family Managed Care Bank Account
    • If opening a Self-Managed Care account the recommended account name would be:
         Self-Manager's name
         Self/Family Managed Care Program
         Self-Manager's address and phone number
    • If opening a Family-Manager Care account the recommended account name would be:
         Family-Manager's name
         HC Client's name (FMC)
         Family-Manager's address and phone number
  4. Create a budget for the calendar year
  5. Recruit staff
  6. Create staffing schedule
  7. Sign employee agreement(s) regarding each staff person showing:
    • Commencement dates/probationary period
    • Wages
    • Minimum hours to be worked
    • Statutory holidays and wage
    • Overtime wage
    • Terms of termination
    • Employment Standards
  8. Maintain accounting/payroll records for future use by Canada Revenue Agency, Home Care, Department of Labour and Immigration, Employment & Social Development Canada and Workers Compensation Board.
  9. Semi Annual Reports ending March and September are due to RHA every May and November